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Palette with a profusion of green tones



After a completely atypical year and a half, life is slowly returning to pre-pandemic rhythms. During all this time, the search for well-being in the spaces of our homes assumed an unavoidable and perhaps even transformative importance. We realized that we need clean, organized, balanced, harmonious and beautiful, spaces that allow us to feel safe and in communion with nature. And now that we've found this wellness formula, we're not ready to give it up. Therefore, it is no wonder that GREEN is a strong trend for autumn / winter 2021. It is a color that is directly associated with feelings of optimism, development, tranquility, balance and comfort. A color that drives away negativity and fills living spaces. The experts at the Pantone Color Institute do not hesitate to consider green among the “colors that encourage personal expression, whether they are sensitive or peculiar; colors that involve calm and healing, as well as expressing a rainbow of hope and joy.” 

At HiH it is possible to find a wide and diverse range of fabrics and finishes in these tones, which enhance the natural charm of the pieces designed by the brand to create highly comfortable and inspiring environments.