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Comfy home for Christmas



At this time, many families are starting to prepare their house for the upcoming festive season.

It's time to welcome and share, with comfort and tranquility. Time to watch movies and relax on the couch, try new recipes and dirty up the kitchen with the whole family wanting to help. It's time to take stock and project all dreams and goals for 2023. And celebrate all this with friends.

Since the house is the center of these experiences, there is nothing like making it more welcoming.


Homes in Heaven shares some tips:

1. Combine your sofa with other types of seats, which can be armchairs, carvers or puffs. It's a great way to increase the capacity of the living room during the festive season and you can redistribute them throughout the house in the rest of the year;

2. Place a nice coffee table in the center;

3. Light up the space with more than one strategically placed lamps with warm, soft light;

4. Don't be afraid to expose objects that are meaningful to you. They can be the decoy to start good conversations and share experiences;

5. Light up some candles and enjoy the special atmosphere created.