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HOME: the coziest place



Prepare the house to have more quality time with family and friends. Cook, gather people around the table, play games, talk, connect.

Let the home mirror the story of those who live there. To create elegant environments it is not mandatory to be austere in all the choices.

The use of different shapes and textures, and the combination of natural materials (e.g. wood, stone, metal), will continue on the rise in the last quarter of this year and during the next. Why not take it all to the living room?

Homes in Heaven proposes:

  • - to value pieces produced more slowly, through artisanal processes that dignify the material and add knowledge to it. The detail is not always just a detail. Detail Matters!;
  • - to bet on colors like Ash Green and Taupe;
  • - to stand out shapes curvilinear, geometric or both.