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Mood boosting decor



Boost the mood through beautiful, harmonious, practical and comfortable environments that effectively contribute to individual and family well-being


Interior decoration trends for the end of 2021 and for the entire  year of 2022

HiH Bets and suggestions


The expression is English but its meaning goes beyond borders. All trends in interior decoration point to a winter full of color, with the tones of nature and organic materials invading the spaces of the house for greater comfort and convenience, a boost of good spirit and vitality that goes from furniture to walls, including textiles and accessories. The simplicity and the handicrafts set the tone. We want the environment to be a perfect imperfect, inspired by wabi sabi, minimalist and invigorating, practical and relaxing. It is a trend that will continue over the next year. 

HiH therefore proposes to opt for more intelligent furniture, compatible with multifunctional spaces, such as the Bookshelf Tv New Vogue, which can either function as a living room, kitchen or office piece of furniture; that the old passion for rattan is rekindled in various divisions, with the Nairobi, Verano, Antoinette, Classic, Denmark and Provence, as they all celebrate this material in extraordinary pieces; to be generous in the distribution of live plants and shades of green throughout the house (tones like those that the brand recently presented in several selected pieces to talk about the role of color in the reading of sensations and emotions). Curvy design furniture and pieces, such as the Armchair Spinning Miami, which soften the environment by bringing it more lightness and helping to create an atmosphere of romance, should also be part of the choices for the coming times. And last, but not least, the metallic details (mostly golden) and velvets. Its softness, shine and refinement will give the final touch of refinement for a highly luxurious, warm and inviting result.