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We’ve just started again. What about now?



The next biennium will bring a shock of future through an acceleration of the meta- economy in an increasingly digital and technological world, with the internet of things gaining ground at a breakneck pace, boosted by the unexpected events of recent years. It is therefore expected that this predicted development will continue to affect people's lives with an overload of stimuli, to which the eminent response seems to be self-care and the search for a more sustainable and lasting well-being.

Thus, Homes in Heaven brand remains fully focused on what its customers will want to prioritize, taking these aspects into account. 

It is known that lifestyles have become more flexible in the context of a pandemic and it has become important that environments, whether family or work, start to reflect this transformation, not only in a transitory but permanent way and through an investment in design. 

All over the world, countless details had to be adjusted so that the inhabited environments worked better from a functional but also, and above all, emotional point of view. And that will continue to be the key trend. It is therefore important to project for emotion, for connection and care.

Recovering the trends that we presented throughout the first half of this year, we reaffirm our option for: 

Neutral palettes combined with good quality textiles;
Natural materials (wood, stone);
Simple, comfortable and versatile furniture, with minimalist lines and with special emphasis on curvilinear shapes and wooden slats;
Handcrafted decorative pieces;
Mixing the new with the old, so that the renovation does not erase the memory.