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The HiH decorators in direct speech: Cira Contreras


In the 25 years of the brand, Homes in Heaven is going to present the main market trends in interior design and furniture through the opinion of its experts

From March to July this year, each of the decorators responsible for customer service in HiH stores, both portuguese and spanish, will be presenting their own proposals and suggestions based on their favorite products.

I point out the use of handmade furniture as the main trend for the year 2022. Homes in Heaven pieces are mostly handmade, using refined techniques and with the care of dedicated and knowledgeable hands. They can be sold in a standard measure or made to measure to fully adjust to the needs and taste of our customers. This customization work allows us to create unique and unrepeatable pieces, truly special. 


I propose 3 timeless pieces: 


New Vogue Sofa: straight lines, design that adapts to any decor, classic and modern, and is fully customizable. 


Dining Table Copenhagen: visually it does not take up space, transmits lightness due to the glass legs and can be manufactured both circular and rectangular. 


New Vogue Mirror: gives light to space, amplitude. It is a mirror that, as much as the New Vogue Sofa, goes well with any decor.