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The HiH decorators in direct speech: Isabel Pires de Lima


In the 25 years of the brand, Homes in Heaven is going to present the main market trends in interior design and furniture through the opinion of its experts.

From March to July this year, each of the decorators responsible for customer service in HiH stores, both portuguese and spanish, will be presenting their own proposals and suggestions based on their favorite products.

To close the cycle of the brand's proposals for this year, I want to talk about this theme that seems to have come to stay and that will certainly remain in the times to come: combining timeless design features with more up-to-date decoration ideas, in a way to achieve a contemporary aesthetic full of freshness, but at the same time evocative of a memory, of a history that involves us.

In other words, the use of pieces of excellent quality and Scandinavian style is still on the rise, preferably in natural wood, but combined with a material that adds a retro aura: rattan.

We want well-balanced, organized, practical, functional and, above all, welcoming environments, which is why in the center of attention are also pieces with curvilinear woodworking notes, which bring to the home a touch of femininity and comfort, when combined with other more angular furniture.

If we combine these ideas with the use of natural fibers, linens in very Mediterranean tones and plants, we will certainly live in our homes with the tranquility and harmony that we seek to soften our daily lives.

The combination of the old and the new will help make spaces more organic and with the personality of those who inhabit them.


To illustrate these ideas I chose some pieces that, either for their design, or for their functionality, practicality and minimalism, and even the materials involved in its production, fully serve these ideas:


Bookshelf Copenhagen - This bookcase is fully customizable (size, shape, measurement) to adapt to the characteristics of the space that will host it. Perfect for displaying your favorite objects or accommodating your library.


Bed Denmark with Rush - With a Nordic-inspired design and the retro touch of the rattan, it also has the distinctive detail of the rounded edges of the headboard. Absolutely cozy, this bed is a stunner.


Coffee Table Nairobi - Minimalist but affirmative. It mixes the industrial spirit with the traditional through an unusual but symbiotic combination of materials. Try combining it with the use of plants and you will see how green makes it shine.


Wardrobe Verano with Rush - A wardrobe that dignifies the rattan as a material full of character and always up to date.