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The HiH decorators in direct speech: Iuliana Gureu


In the 25 years of the brand, Homes in Heaven is going to present the main market trends in interior design and furniture through the opinion of its experts.

From March to July this year, each of the decorators responsible for customer service in HiH stores, both portuguese and spanish, will be presenting their own proposals and suggestions based on their favorite products.

The interior decoration trend for the year 2022 is characterized by bringing elements from the natural world such as water, vegetation, stone, wood, natural fibers, etc. And these trends are much more relevant today, especially after the pandemic situation we are experiencing. The importance of light will allow us to play with the furniture in our home to expand the spaces. For this reason, we will choose neutral colors in the base palette, such as white and beige, to which we can add other notes and chromatic accents to make a difference and give a special touch. 


I propose three HiH pieces of furniture that perfectly match these ideas: 


Copenhagen sofa 

The most used, comfortable spaces and where calm has to prevail are the lounges. To provide the feeling of peace and well-being we have to decorate them in soft tones and above all choose the perfect sofa. The sofa is a fundamental piece for our comfort, a place where we like to be. Architectural, spacious and comfortable, the Copenhagen Sofa adapts to all styles, the design is fully customizable in multiple possible configurations, and dimensions, fabrics and modules can be customized. Perfect for large spaces, large groups and authentic relaxation. 


Hepburn Dining Table w/ Wood Top 

The Hepburn collection presents a clean silhouette and a graphic aesthetic that illuminates the space. Wood is a key element in interior decoration and as a material it has many positive and unique qualities: it provides excellent thermal insulation, it contributes to good indoor air quality and it is a sustainable material. Provides warmth and elegance. The Hepburn Dining Table, in a Natural Oak finish, is a sure bet for any dining room. It provides a Scandinavian style with a special touch of warmth and will give us a feeling of well- being, peace and balance. 


Hepburn armchair 

The Hepburn Armchair reminds us of Scandinavian design thanks to its wooden legs. The seat upholstered in light gray fabric and the back in black leather add more elegance to the armchair which, due to its versatility, can be used harmoniously in any space: bedrooms, living rooms, offices. It is best to choose upholstered in neutral tones. The Hepburn Armchair invites you to rest, read, relax. It is comfortable, elegant, a model to fill interiors with life.