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The HiH decorators in direct speech: Márcia Cunha


In the 25 years of the brand, Homes in Heaven is going to present the main market trends in interior design and furniture through the opinion of its experts.

From March to July this year, each of the decorators responsible for customer service in HiH stores, both portuguese and spanish, will be presenting their own proposals and suggestions based on their favorite products.

For the year 2022, and taking into account the context experienced in recent times in which our home space had to be adapted to new realities, whether for work or leisure, I propose to address the theme of the versatility of pieces of furniture. 

A piece of furniture, in addition to being an element that will be part of our daily life, is also a major financial investment and must therefore be thought of in a way that proves to be durable. In this sense, I will present 3 Homes in Heaven pieces that are guided by the diversity of possible uses. They are like "chameleonic" pieces that can be used in the kitchen, in a bedroom, in an office... And when we think their lifespan is over, we can change their function and replace it and we see a "new" piece that makes sense again in our house. 


New Vogue Cupboard - Identified as a cupboard, it is actually a cabinet with straight lines and multiple functions. The combination of drawers and shelves inside, associated with the sliding glass doors, make this piece an asset, whether as a cupboard in a kitchen, as a bookshelf in an office, as a decorative shelf in a hallway, or even as a wardrobe in a bedroom. Its interior in oak wood, combined with the painted door frames, provide numerous interesting possibilities for this piece. 


Hepburn Chest - It is a piece with unconventional measures and that is precisely what makes it special and versatile. It has Length 120 x Depth 45 x Height 66.5 cm. In a bedroom, it can function as a chest of drawers or as a bedside table between two single beds. In a living room, it could be an excellent option as a TV stand. In an entryway, it can be a support piece with storage that, combined with a large mirror, will bring lightness and contemporaneity to your home. 


Daybed Tentop Upholstered - One single bed/double bed/sofa. It is an element with a lot of potential as it can be used on a daily basis or only on special occasions. Occupying a moderate amount of space, this daybed has a drawer with a lifting platform that allows it to accommodate two people in perfect comfort. During the day, when closed, it can be used as a sofa, and can be well located either in a bedroom or in an office.