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The HiH decorators in direct speech: Sol Martín


In the 25 years of the brand, Homes in Heaven is going to present the main market trends in interior design and furniture through the opinion of its experts.

From March to July this year, each of the decorators responsible for customer service in HiH stores, both portuguese and spanish, will be presenting their own proposals and suggestions based on their favorite products.
"This year, neutral environments predominate, in shades of stone, off-white, taupe in the painting of furniture and fabrics with natural textures. Divided environments tend to disappear and multifunctional spaces are created in which you can relax, work or receive guests in the same way.

Marble is on trend, in any of its types and colors, and is finely carved for lightness when combined with other materials such as iron or wood. At HIH we have two pieces that fit this trend perfectly: The Hepburn Dining Table w/ White Ibiza Marble Top, in its 240 variant, is a perfect piece to include in this type of multifunctional environments and the Side Table Formentera, which in larger dimensions and in black marble could be a very practical, light and elegant coffee table. 

The modular corner sofas in their XL version are also going strong. The modules are combined in different formats, such as chaise longue, puff, with or without arms and upholstered in leather or velvet. Just like the Sofa New Vogue (Linear Meter).

The Japandi style, a mix of Nordic and Oriental styles, is also on the rise. This mixture gives a minimalist yet elegant and light look to the furniture, which can be reflected perfectly in our Chair Denmark, which with its natural wood or walnut finish is, in my opinion, the star piece."