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We try to do everything we can to make you really happy to own a Homes in Heaven item. We take every measure to guarantee the quality and craftmanship of our products. You know that we make in our factory almost every item we sell to you. The items you ordered are not stored in one of our wharehouses waiting to be delivered. In reality they do not exist when you order, they will come to life with your request. However, we know that sometimes you will have some problems with our products, or you can change your mind and wish to revert your decision to purchase. In such cases, the following policies will apply:

DAMAGED ITEMS - We inspect all the items we make with the maximum care and attention. We normally assemble every item to test it before packaging and shipping. Upon receipt, please inspect the package to check for any outside mark that may indicate damage in the item. If this is a piece that was transported by us, or by transport company contracted by us, contact our services at: and we will arrange for a replacement or correction. If this a delivery you are receiving by a transporter contracted by you, please write your complaint or disclosure in the delivery note that will be presented to you by the distributer, and document in the best possible manner the damages you encounter. We can help you get your refund or a new piece paid by the transport or insurance company. If you fail to provide evidence of the packaging situation we may not be able to assume responsibility.

INCOMPLETE OR DEFECTIVE ITEMS - No matter how hard we try, in some situations you will receive an incomplete or defective item. If this happens, please contact our services at:, present your case and send any document we may need to check and confirm the defect or incompletion and we will arrange for a prompt replacement.

RETURNS AND REFUNDS - Our returns and refunds policies are in accordance with any rights that you, as a consumer that purchases goods online, are entitled under the law, specifically the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000 - Distance Selling. For all items purchased online (or at our store) you are entitled to return your items for a refund of the purchase price and any shipping charges you paid. We will need the original proof of purchase from you. These refunds follow the next set of rules:

1. If you purchased any item of furniture or accessories choosed from our catalogue, just let us know that you wish to return the item(s) within 14 days of the date of delivery at your home. The return of the item is your responsibility, and you will need to to do it as soon as reasonably practicable. If the items were delivered to you by our delivery service we can arrange for a pick-up of the items and will charge you a fee for the service - our services will quote it for you before scheduling any collection. Please note that you will be in a legal obligation to return the items in perfect condition and, whenever possible in the original packaging.

2. For some items you can accept the return to be made directly to one of our stores.


3. We cannot guarantee a refund for bespoke and special measures furniture, fabrics sold by the meter and pieces that are not in perfect conditions. Your refund will be processed through the same payment method you used to pay the original order. This refund will be made as soon as possible and we try to process it in under 14 days. In any case not listed in the previous situations, please contact our services. Even if you are not legally entitled to a refund we want you to be happy with any item you purchased from us, so we will evaluate any request you might want to make.