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Política de entrega

We sell a large variety of items with an infinite set of dimensions, weight and assembly specifications. In order to guarantee that the items are delivered in perfect conditions we have, and will keep developing, our own delivery service available in select european countries and regions. When this is available it is our preferred delivery method. If unavailable or if you choose to handle the delivery and assembly process yourself we can arrange for a dispatch of the goods through trusted partners. Each option is described below:

DELIVERY SERVICES - Normally you will be charge for each order. If you order from us in more than one occasion within a limited timeframe we can arrange to package and deliver all orders in one delivery service. Please let us know this through our contact email. Delivery service is charged based on the distance and size of the order. Most single product orders will be charged a predefined fixed amount. Normally, no matter how much you order, it’ll never be more than €30 for deliveries on Mainland Portugal. For the rest of the world we will give you a quote of the delivery services charge in no more than 24h after your order.

Remember to check that all conditions for delivery - namely that required access through th entrance of the building and stairs or that a lift is available, and that entrance to the house and division where you want the item are cleared and have adequate dimension - are met. We only deliver items that need to be carried through a staircase up to a through up to a third floor, and if their weight is adequate to this situation (70Kg). We will deliver and assemble the items to the room of your choice and packaging will be removed on your request. We do not remove or relocate your old items.

DISPATCH - If delivery is not available we will quote you the value for a professional delivery (but not assembly) to your address. If you accept it, this amount will be included in your final price of the order, that you will need to pay in advance. You will always have the choice to choose to collect the pieces at our warehouse through a dispatcher you contract directly. In such case no delivery cost will be charged. When dispatch is the delivery method, our responsibility for the handling of the products ends when we delivered them to the transporter. For any return or complaint to be accepted by us you will have to write in the delivery note any visible sign of mishandling or damage to the package upon receiving the items.